Advanced budget analysis application

What is it?

UnderBudget is an advanced personal budget analysis tool that integrates with GnuCash, Quicken, mint.com, etc.

Unlike a typical spreadsheet budget, a budget in UnderBudget can easily be analyzed against actual incomes and expenses to see budget progress.

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What does it do?

  • Assists in setting up personal budgets
    • Income and expense estimates
    • Transaction assignment rules
  • Provides analysis of budgets
    • Importing actual transactions from external sources
    • Calculation of estimated vs. actual progress
    • Calculation of ending balances

How do I get it?

  1. Download the latest copy of UnderBudget
    • *.zip for Windows and OS X
    • *.tar.gz for Linux
  2. Extract the downloaded zip or tar.gz file
  3. Launch the application
    • Double-click underbudget.jar
    • java -jar underbudget.jar in a command prompt or shell

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